Welcome to our Chinese participants – Ping running scared

OONTOO is pleased have many Chinese viewers. Unfortunately Australians are being forced to dislike the Communist Chinese government because of the tariffs imposed upon wines, beef, barley, coal, and possibly more products. These problems are hard to stomach as we have been friends.

That seems only to be secondary to the actions today in Hong Kong. Ping has deleted the progress completely and lined up the democratic members for jail. We in Australia would love to have your opinion on the goings on.

Big Ping.

Big Ping has now shown he is ignorant of Australian activities in Afghanistan by putting false postings on Twitter, adding to the cancelling of orders for many goods has put him on the outside. We would love to hear from you your comments, the feeling is that the only way for you to still get all the top quality products Australia provides is to vote Big Ping out. That may be a hard task.

WE would love to have you drinking Grange Hermitage one of the best wines in the world, but Big Ping will not let you. Coal shipments to China has seen a small improvement. Big Ping must find it cold at night.

Chinese Big Ping will not talk to Australia’s Prime Minister and rather has his half axe communist workers issue false stories. He is hiding behind this man, seems that Australia has him bluffed and he is scared to come out.

Big Ping is hiding behind this man


Big Ping should look at this chart and reflect on it – people in the world including those in China should react to the effects Big Ping has on the CO2 levels in the world and ask him how he is going to fix it. The levels could affect the Barrier Reef, refer to ABC program this evening, and be sure who you blame for the suggested position is the real country.

Oontoo would like your comment to china@oontoo.com

You can send an email to china@oontoo.com and we would like your comment.

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