Artificial Kidney


The Kidney Project
This is best described by
These fellows have almost got a working kidney . I have put myself on their trials list but of course they are in US.
I have without success tried to find a philanthropic patron to assist with the cost of the project and allow Australia to join in with the project to be involved commencing with the trials. My suggestion is $6M to join with the US developers
They have indicated they would allow the incorporation of overseas partners who could be involved in the trials and there for at the head of operation.
The financial benefits for Australia are real as dialysis costs about $70000 per person per year and maybe that could be halved with an artificial kidney.
Kidney Australia has a well oiled program which may be enhanced with an artificial kidney. There are not enough kidneys for transplant and not the likelihood more numbers will be forthcoming
The rejection problem for transplants is not a problem with an artificial kidney
While most kidney patients would be suited to an artificial kidney the problems listed in the recent ABC program could all be overcome.
WE hope that 2019 will be a great year for the Artificial Kidney

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