River Boats on the Darling River

Magical river boats plying the Darling River.. The era was great.. The boats went for 100’s of miles down the Darling from Bourke. The only thing stopping the resumption of the magical era is lack of water.

Water from the Modified Bradfield Scheme which is partially being developed almost 100 years after Bradfield dreamed up the scheme to move water from the tropical coast of Queensland to the centre of Australia is now part of the plan to make the Darling run again. The river boats are popular in Europe and other places so to plan them in Australia is a given. To do the Bradfield Scheme there are no mountains to cross as the Flinders River flows to Hughenden, 324 m above sea level and then the water travels overland to Charleville 294m above sea level. To Bourke 106 m above sea level Then it is slowly downhill to the outlet.

Australia wants big projects that include many people and operate away from the main cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This would be cheaper than the current Snowy River plan.

People in Sydney think it is big time to have 2 inches of rain over night but in tropical Queensland it is not big time until you have 10 inches, and this runs out to sea, and it rains that much often. So it logic that many practical dams could be built in Queensland to control the water. We will develop the reasons that this is a good practical use of money for all Australians.

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