Darling River & S.A. water – THE OBVIOUS ANSWER –

The situation which now presents its self – needs not be explained. The answer to these things is water; and when it does not rain then something drastic must happen. The answer is a modified Bradfield Scheme


The Bradfield Scheme basically is moving water from the Flinders River south. Recently there has been a big flood and a little of that sent to the Darling would save the day – Fish in the Darling and the complaining from South Australia.

Hughenden on the Flinders is 324 m above sea level and Charleville 294 M above sea level. So by having a drain from Hughenden to the Charleville probably picking up the Warrego River system east of Tambo- means that a pipeline or drain would be about 4 to 500 Kms long

If there was required some pumping along the way even though there is a general fall and my experience of the lay of the land is that it fairly level. To lift the water where necessary solar power could be the answer.

There are a number of schemes to get water to the Flinders River from modified Bradfield schemes – so when the volume is known – one would suit.- there is lots of water there.

A small system would cover the requirements listed above and fix up the fish . The system could be enlarged to accommodate lots of irrigation and even shut up some of those greenies. There is a lot of water there for everyone!

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