Chinese find Australia a good subject for its future program

The future of Australia is in the hands of the Chinese. Why – there are many reasons from their general interest, to news reports through the ABC -the Australias senior referrer.

The Chinese have now shown their future interest in infiltrating the Australian government by paying $1M to person in Victoria to stand for the Liberal Party in the last election. This person died in suspect circumstances.

The Chinese have paid lots of money we assume to get advantage from political parties, mainly the Labor party . The Chinese Government seem not to like being called out as communist; and suggest that Australia not to meddle in their affairs.

The Chinese show their confidence when they read the output of the ABC when in the hands of Annabel Crabb or Laura Tingle, these women show that the ABC has no respect for the Prime Minister of Australia.. they were most likely the journalists that had all there savouries ready on the night of the last election to go to the party with Chloe and Bill. The party that never happened.. and they still carry the bitterness.

The ABC show no respect for the Prime Minister ..they prefer to report on Malcolm Turnbull in preference. The ABC did not report honestly on question time on Wednesday. The ALP made no gains on the coalition– in fact they lost every move.

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