Have you tested positive to COVID-19

You can be eligible for a OONTOO DEENA 1932-


OONTOO.COM has 20 million of OONTOO DEENA 1932 available for free.

Why 1932

1932 was the last time that there was a land transfer of land at OONTOO and at that time the land was considered to be worth nothing. The proof of that are documents from the titles office which showed that from a subsequent will settlement in 1932 which contained 3 blocks of land the value was nil.

It follows that if there was a OONTOO DEENA 1932 available in 1932 then it would have been worthless. A DEENA was not worth anything in 1932, but you can bet anything that there were lots of DEENA’S spent backing horses when the OONTOO races were run in 1888.

OONTOO Customs House

As there is nothing left at OONTOO, even the OONTOO customs house, last pictured about 1924 – 1924 because that was probably the date of the T Model Ford in the picture, is long gone. The customs house was made of mud and just melted. Behind where the Customs House stood there was an aboriginal midden, proof of the involvement of the indiginous locals in the town.

The dreams of OONTOO would have been many. Thirst, heat, drought, hunger, wealth, lack of wealth, floods, flies, and isolation to name a few. Some just walked out of life down the rabbit fence which became the second industry of OONTOO after customs. Customs closed down in 1902 on Federation. After the hotel burned down there was nothing left for OONTOO. Even the rabbit fence maintenance gang moved to a camp beside Merninie waterhole.

It is from the melted mud heap of the Customs House remains that the digital future of the OONTOO DEENA 1932 developed. This coin, the preverbal local shilling, became the criptocurrency of the Centre of Australia. These OONTOO DEENA’s can be mined by Australians being credited as being positive when tested for COVID-19.

Thus becoming part if the herd immunity which will save the world from future infection by the virus and the 1% to 2% of subsequent deaths which normally follow infection with the disease, will give you the mining rights to be the owner of an OONTOO DEENA 1932 The “coin” is worth nothing at present, however the worth to Australia can be spelled out by the number of lives saved by the herd immunity the positive tests have participated in…the only other assist to herd immunity is accredited vaccination. When that is available then all can mine an OONTOO DEENA 1932 when vaccinated. This is now likely to be in March.

When the OONTOO DEENA 1932 will be opened to the free market of criptocurrency. The creditability will be managed by blockchain.

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