ABC Journalists show no Respect for Australian soldiers

The ABC protect the journalists who have no respect for the Australian soldiers. They have people like Mark Willacy who the staff presented with a gong for undermining the Army in Afghanistan. It was presented by his peers who should be led out on the pier and belted with the gong to see what a splash they make there.

Ben Roberts-Smith won a VC but the ABC through Willacy show no respect and in doing so promote the actions of the Taliban who in fact wore quite happy to shoot our soldiers who were there to help them. It was a war you know

There is a court case at the moment where the ABC is supporting the likes of Willacy in killing the future of Ben Roberts-Smith VC

The ADF infantry men have an enquiry pending that list suicide as the affects of the ABC actions by Mark Willacy in Afghanistan

How many suicides has Mark WILLACY caused in the army when the actions were during Australias war with Talaban. My father was at war 39/45.He would have found the actions of WILLACY and the ABC repulsive.

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