A JOKE -This Walkely award is one

Families of three Australian soldiers killed by a rogue Afghan prisoner in a “green on blue” attack in 2012 have been advised by the Department of Defence that the killer appears certain to be released under prisoner swap deal. This was a Talaban ready to kill.

This Walkely award has been issued without this information. It was left out intentionally.

Afghan safe in Australia

This person is safe in Australia but she mentions nothing about the Talaban making the Afghans life in Afghanistan hell. Nothing about the killing of Australians. She welcomes the compensation for Afghans Australians will pay.

This man is happy to compensate ? the Afghans affected. No compensation for those who were killed.

The Australians were at war. Willacy should go to jail for treason. Imagine him reporting on the situation in France where Australians fought. Maybe he would have had Hitler compensated because Australians shot someone.

WAR is WAR. We did not start it.

It seems more likely the ABC would like to control the political agenda.

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