Epibubba across Queensland

Epibubba —-a fresh water stream shown in pink on this map.

The Epibubba is a new canal through Queensland to be used for channelling fresh water from water storage collection areas in the high rainfall region to the south heading towards the Darling River. The canal runs right through the state from 300m above sea level downhill to about 150 m and then spills out to the Darling water channel. Epibubba runs with a gradual fall across the state allowing for water control, management of water and if created large enough may allow tourist boats to ply from north to south and back.

The Epibubba is all new and would be created with irrigation areas set up as share farms to allow the inclusion of present landholders. These would be in appropriate areas and include planned crop groups. Include tourist groups with living development in nodes along the Epibubba. This is the greatest proposed development in Queensland. 95% are new operations and the biggest regional development in Australia with the ad on to the Darling system will assist not only Queensland

The workers are all helped by job trainer…many people coming from no or very little experience ..the programme is to educate everybody helping redundant city people.

The complete river project is to educate at every point, from the water collection areas to the river construction to the completed irrigation areas and the populated pods down the river with river boats tourist inclusion. If possible the stream created could be lined with plastic lining created from plastic waste from capital cities.

The Epibubba project is the greatest project since the Snowy River project. and includes hydro power production included with the water collection program, with a series of dams to harvest the water. If any tunnels are needed to redirect the water there is expertise available in Sydney.

The Epibubba project is run as a job teacher exercise where the project is divided into sections starting with the water accumulation area.

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