This has a request to the Commissioner for Aged Care– read on

This is a report from a person who has lived in a nursing home for 3 years. There are 75 residents and about 38 staff, 18 on one shift. This includes dining room and cleaning staff as well as those who attend to the residents. The residents are from all walks of life they have various reactions to instructions.

Today we have had a senate inquiry which includes these people … this lady is there only to upgrade her ego. We would like her put her effort to promote things for age homes, she is paid to do a job not to promote her EGO.

I ask this woman would you send positives in a nursing home straight to hospital. TIME12.14/24/8

She has had lots of time to answer but if that is how the Labor Party views the problem.

This woman is trying to improve her EGO level. Not providing any good initiative. The Nursing Home expects better.

In our nursing home where there is a quality food choice and ops and weight recordings done regularly.

The latest figures from Victoria said 41 died and the Nursing Home rejects this level. and 73 positive tests.

The Commissioner for Aged Care should advise the residents of nursing homes how the virus got in to the homes where it is active.

Should the virus get into our nursing home we want the positives to go directly to the hospital. That is the only place for these people so the problem does not expand. It seems that the Labor Party does not heed the nursing home requested procedure.

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