Making Fire Policy

Former Fire and Rescue NSW commissioner

Last summer was the worst fire season in a while.

We had the hottest, driest year ever, a year that would not have happened with out the long periods of drought in large areas of Australia together with peculiar weather conditions.

The former Fire and Rescue NSW commissioner Greg Mullins was in charge of the fire management plan for NSW for the prior long period during which time he failed to effect proper hazard reduction activities.

When the fires started there was an over abundance of fuel built up and with the drought making large areas tinder dry. This, together with the peculiar weather conditions caused the bush to explode.

Greg Mullins knew that the problem was of his making so he looked for ways to blame someone, the easiest was the Federal Government. This was to pass the buck and take pressure off himself. The questions about how the fire had happened were directed to others thus Mullins avoided the issue.

He has continued with that approach to this day, now claiming that climate change caused the fires. Why did the serious fires not happen 3 years ago, the conditions were not right and the build up of fuel was different plus the drought was not as severe. Climate change gets flogged again.

Mullins has retired so let him have his retirement and leave the management of fires to someone else, he had his chance and stuffed up.

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