Analysis… Laura Tingle .. Is she ALP-ABC or ABC-ALP

Lets see if Laura Tingle is ALP-ABC or ABC-ALP. Funny, the shrill hysteria she speaks about actually came from Laura when the auditor general produced his findings These findings were the production of an ALP voting bureaucrat ..another one who missed the party last year with Bill and Chloe… And now he has found he can get back at Morrison for upsetting his fun. He probably had an office girl in mind that day- we all know bureaucrats… So we know that the findings of the auditor general is BIASED.

So Laura swings from ABC-ALP to ALP-ABC -the more potent heading. When she was confronted with the OTIS convention ..the meeting of Labor members to discuss the  leadership of their party she quickly moved on … could not have the Labor Party seen as they are …. just as democratic as the LNP. Have meetings and discuss policy. This did not suit her story as she is a leader of the ALP-ABC.

Funny the Labor Party has leftout of their name… maybe this important to them.. you will never know  .. certainly will not be brought up by the ABC as news.–ABC-ALP again.

Funny show this week , Barnaby Joyce has given you a problem. His actions has given you the fuel to throw as much shit at the LNP as you wish .But the dilemma is that to be a true journalist you may have to give the credit to Barnaby  and that is not in your bundle of tricks. ALP-ABC showing through.

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