Pieman loves to make a crust


MAKING A CRUST: Clive Cornish with one of his latest inventions.

RENOWNED pieman Clive Cornish has found Toowoomba the ideal place to make a crust.

A lot of people refer to Mr Cornish as “Joey Dent” after the title of his famous pie shop in the Hooper Centre.

“Toowoomba is a great place for food innovation. The acceptance of new ideas by the Toowoomba community has encouraged many an entrepreneur to get a foothold in the future.

“I came to Toowoomba in 1996 to get a quality education for my son and when that was completed

Toowoomba is a fine place for food innovation.

– Clive Cornish of Joey Dent’s Pie Shop

I found that Toowoomba was a good place to be creative with food,” he said.

Anyone who has tried the wide variety of Mr Cornish’s pies would realise “creative” is at the heart of his recipes.

“I found that by making our own food and developing our own products allowed Joey Dent’s to participate in ‘Toowoomba for new ideas’,” he said.

“We estimate that in the past 12 years we have supplied 20,000 breakfast pies to the Toowoomba Hospital staff.”

Mr Cornish reckons Toowoomba could do with better planned infrastructure for the future.

“The day will come when Toowoomba, a quality living city, will appear as almost a suburb of Brisbane due to improved communications,” he said.

“The future of Joey Dent’s will be the further development of the pie system we have created and the Burger Pi and hashwich (hash brown sandwich) products.”

But just where does the name “Joey Dent” come from?

“Joey Dent’s is named after Josia Dent, the first Anglo to live in Toowoomba and whose greatest input to Toowoomba may have been his efforts to populate the place – he had 17 children,” Mr Cornish explained.

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