The NAB-Cronican- McEwan-Baird -the loss of $2bn

The loss of $2bn was the most likely the result of Dr Henry and Thorburn who were both aggresive to Hayne of the Royal Commission. He caught them out!

The chief technology officer has the pay of $4.4M – why you might ask?– when the NAB app has a function called “quick balance”and for 5 weeks the entry shows when opened. “For your security we’ve turned off Quick Balance because you haven’t logged in for 90 days. To turn it back on, all you need to do is log on to the NAB app” There have been many log on’s to the NAB app – but no Quick Balance has shown up….. So much for $4.4M.

The new CEO McEwan due to start soon is so lucky to have a culture of the banks that pay all senior staff more money than you have ever seen. The race to get the biggest boat! The wage to begin for McEwan seems to be $7M and the bonus could be up to $10M. -$17M total They might have to reduce that figure beacuse of the $2bn required to cover policy breaches and control failings as shown by Hayne.

CEO McEwan did accountancy and failed twice!

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